Smoking Kratom Powder

Consumable forms of Kratom Powder

We can get Kratom Powder in the form of Fresh Leaves, Dry leaves, Powder, Paste, pellets and even by capsules. We can consume Kratom in different ways such as we can take in

  1. Direct form – such as Fresh leaves/Dry leaves/capsules etc.,
  2. Mixing it with Food items
  3. Processing way- Such as we can smoke it/we can drinking tea made from leaves of Kratom.

Did we smoke Kratom Powder and if yes, how much we have to take?

  1. The answer is “YES, of course, you can”, if you take Direct form 1gm then you have to smoke at least 10gms. If you have a smoking habit/if you like smoking then it’s better to smoke. In certain Areas, smoking of Kratom is a very popular thing. If you want to achieve the desired effects of Kratom powder through smoking then you have to smoke large amounts of leaves to avail the desired benefits of Kratom.
  2. In Beginning days your correct dose for smoking will be around 20gms but over the period of time if you want to get more benefits you have to smoke around 50gms is good for you to enjoy the benefits of Kratom.

What are the benefits of Smoking Kratom Powder?

The Key Benefits of Kratom powder are as follows:

  1. It Relives from chronic pain
  2. It enhances our mood and acts as a mood swing treatment
  3. It increases our focus, boosts your memory power and gives you more energy,
  4. Enhance cognitive function
  5. Make the user feel more energized
  6. Lower blood sugar levels i.e., it will be used in diabetes treatment.
  7. Prevent and treating inflammation
  8. Provide relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms
  9. Reducing anxiety; reduce depression levels and stabilizing the user’s blood pressure.
  10. Stimulate the immune system and promoting a sense of human wellbeing.
  11. Treat insomnia and it helps in other sleep conditions
  12. It improves your immune system
  13. It encourages your Cognitive Function.

Is that smoking becomes an addiction for you?

In General study survey conducted people consuming Kratom powder in smoking mode, the surprising fact is “Over half of people who are using the Kratom regularly for a period of six months will become addictive like how some people will be addicted to drugs.

Did we get any side effects while smoking Kratom Powder?

  1. Yes, some of the minor common side effects were Agitation, Aggression, Constipation, Delusions, Hallucinations, Hyperpigmentation, Insomnia, Nervousness, Nausea, Respiratory depression, Sexual dysfunction, Tremors, Vomiting, Anorexia, Constipation etc.,
  2. If you smoke long-term then you will get some more side effects such as dry mouth, severe weight loss, headaches, dry mouth, even it can cause lung cancer you will get more urine than normal, loss of appetite, loss of constipation and you will get dark colors on your cheeks. If you use it along it with Alcohol, cocaine etc., kind of substances then you will get some more dangerous side effects.
  3. If you use it regularly then you may get withdrawal symptoms like muscle aches, Runny nose, and diarrhea kind of issues you will get. You can also contact by dialing the following Drugs Helpline number 1800 459 459 to find out about options in your area.

How to come to a conclusion whether to smoke or not?

As per the saying of “Everything has its own advantages & disadvantages” provided you are the one who has to analyses and if you want to consider its advantages then you will smoke, but if you consider its disadvantages then you don’t smoke. That’s up to you.

Final Conclusion

If you are pregnant then don’t use this one as per the advice, you do even know what are the risks will arise to your baby.

In my point of view ”you are a fool if you thinking the smoking is cool”, andIf you want to save your life by saving your lungs then If you are already smoking means then stop it immediately. Or if you are the beginners then don’t go for smoking of Kratom powder.