Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most wanted strains among the Kratom strains. Even when it comes to the sales figure, Maeng da tops the chart. Surprisingly the buzz for this particular strain is because of the potent levels of this and more interestingly this gets sold very easily.

Why does this happen? Does it really worth it?

Let’s find it out with this article and hence we will be looking at the in and out of the Maeng da strain. The main reason behind this popularity is well wrapped with fake information. Over the years, Maeng da has deceived the sales when compared with the pals. Probably many myths are just to generate sales out of the product and that is the reason why this has been kept a secret all these days. The reason behind this article is not to bring some rocket science behind the extract, but to bring the facts behind this.

Do you know why the name has been assigned to this? The main reason is to boost the market value of the product and nothing more than that. These are some of the gimmicks that are followed to make the Kratom more and more into the users. People of Thailand says that the reason behind the name comes from nowhere and it is just derived from their local language. The name also made people believe that it was strong than the normal ones and thus it reflected in its sales chart. The demand for Maeng Da strain has steadily increased over the years and it is all because all the people believed that this has a greater potent level when compared to their latter.

Every Kratom product that you consume comes from the red leaves. Yes, they are extracted from the leaves of Kratom and later processed to produce such a beautiful product in the end. The first and the foremost process involved in the production of Kratom is, it is stained with your favorite color and later dried by using any one of the methods like UV light, sunlight and other popular drying methods.

The quality of the product also depends on the location of the plant and hence if it comes from a rainy background the quality and taste differs to a great extend. So one should know that the color of the product does not make the difference but the way in which the product undergoes the drying process makes a perfect strain.

So let’s look at the procedure in which the process happens

  • Initially, the white strains are obtained by drying the leaves in an Air conditioned environment which is followed by some drying under the light.
  • The red strain is obtained by drying the leaves in the sunlight and later dried with the help of UV rays.
  • Yellow strains are produced by using the correct blend of white and red m strains.

Where does Maeng da come from?

The main contribution comes from the region of South East Asia and the regions of Jong Kong. These are regions from where we can pick potential leaves which is very high in potency levels when compared to the ones that come from the rest of the world. Sometimes, only a pure blend of the mixture is only used to make the Maeng Da. When Maeng da from different strains is mixed at different levels it produces a result where the potency increases in a positive side.

Maeng da has been used in various methods and when speaking about its dosage, it can differ from person to person. So we would recommend you to consume Krtrom at smaller levels. if you are so keen on knowing about the methods to use it, you can go up online and have a look at some of the funny ways in which it can be consumed. Since kratom is quite popular among the individuals, one can get to know about the way in which the Maeng da is consumed.


So its quite easy to conclude that the origin of this name is purely to increase the sales of the product and there is no special ingredient added to it to make it extra special. The quality of the product always depends on the way in which it gets dried up and there is no rocket science involved in it.