The recreational drug use has been changed to alternative choices like natural medicines. The prescription drugs have been replaced by the psychoactive substances which are totally new to the western regions relatively. One among these psychoactive natural drugs is the Kratom powder.

What is Kratom Powder?

The leaves of the Kratom tree is finely processed and then made into a final product ‘The Kratom Powder’ which is a highly psychoactive drug. Kratom originated from Southeast Asia which the discoverers declared as its native. The native people consumed Kratom by brewing it into a tea and used it as a mind stimulant. Though the natives consumed the Kratom leaves by chewing it, the Kratom powder has gained its popularity in recent days in European Countries, Canada, and the US. And depending on the dosage, Kratom powder bears varied effects based on the user consuming it.

The Best Strains

The whole of the Kratom community is into this discussion. The best varies person to person as each individual will have different tastes. Trying as many strains as possible can possibly help in finding out the best strain.

Following are the list of strains available:

  • White Jongkong
  • Green Bali
  • Green Batak
  • Wild Red Bali

Effects of the powder

The effect of Kratom powder depends on the dosage with which it is consumed. Kratom holds too well if it is taken with low doses. It enhances attentiveness, improves focus and increases energy if taken in low doses streamlining more with its traditional use. Other purposes that Kratom serves for are losing weight, mood elevation and arousing sexual interest. Everyday stimulants like nicotine and caffeine have been replaced by the Kratom powder by many people around the world. On the other hand, it tends to be too dangerous if taken in heavy doses. We know a lot about opiates medication. Taking Kratom powder in high doses will only lead to the same as that of the above-said effect. Based on the statements given by people who experienced, it can be seen that high doses bring Euphoria and related effects similar to opioids and depressants. People who are addicted to opioids can find it useful as Kratom powder serves as a replacement for it.


Only buy Kratom from authorized Kratom vendors like and avoid getting it from the one who doesn’t test it rigorously.”

The Dangers to know

Apart from the benefits and advantages of Kratom, it is equally important to look after its safety and effectiveness. But, it still remains unknown since the manufacturing process or packaging of the drug involves no regulation. In addition to it, we never know whether the product we buy is pure and free of adulteration either retails store or online. It also remains unknown the degree of potency it bears. Event medical world and science community remains confused regarding the side effects or health hazards as it is not fully understood. Needless to say, like any other drugs, Kratom too is addictive in nature. Overdosage of Kratom powder shows up with symptoms like a headache, nausea, depression, and irritability.

Is it legal?

When we look at the legality of Kratom, it seems to be fluctuating. Some people societies like DEA and AKA are always standing their grounds supporting Kratom whenever the issue emerges out. But, DEA has not yet announced Kratom as a ‘controlled substance’. Because of the legislation, the earlier attempt in 2016 failed. The hardest part is that the Southeast Asian countries that are considered as the native of Kratom made it illegal to sell them. Apart from these, the ban on Kratom has been imposed on the state level in some countries and altogether the nation in many countries. So, the only solution would be to conduct research on the usefulness and safety of the powder. Only then, the people who believe Kratom powder to be natural treatment option would feel it safer.

The safety limit

We all are well aware of hallucinogenic mushroom and opium. Kratom is found to contain the same alkaloid that the former products have. Though Kratom has many reasons to be safer, the presence of alkaloid and its effect when taken by humans proves it might not be safe. As discussed earlier, low doses are always appreciable. This low dose Kratom acts as a stimulant as in the case of amphetamine. But, low doses to have some minor side effects based on a study.

What and What Not?

The US regulation says that Kratom has only limited effects when consumed. And there are even some indicators showing the long-term effects. Above said studies also say that Kratom results in minor side effects even at low doses. It can lead to liver and kidney related problems for long-term users too.

Now, like many other drugs, Kratom also has its own pros and cons. It’s the people who have the responsibility to decide what and what not to do with Kratom as we have explained clearly the details about it.