Kratom Powder Dosage for Anxiety

The native of Kratom leaves is the part of South-East Asia (i,e) Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bali. The Kratom leaves are crushed and made into a fine powder. This powder can be injected into our body through several methods. It can be taken along with juice or as a tea. It can also be directly dissolved in water can be injected into your body.

Advantages of taking Kratom Powder

Some of the super cool advantages by in taking Kratom powder are:

  • It treats anxiety
  • It produces more energetic effects
  • It gives relaxation
  • It increases your productivity and makes you more sociable
  • It helps users who want to quit opioids
  • It’s great for insomnia too.
  • Kratom alleviates many of the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety.

Dosage Level

Every human being can’t be taken the kratom powder for the same dosage level. Each person might have a different dosage level that has to be injected into the body for effective results.

For a beginner, start with the small dosage. Starting with a small dosage may not give quick results. But for any sensitive person, the small dosage will show good results.

If this dosage does not produce any good results even after 30 minutes, and then take another gram. After some time if you are feeling nauseous, it’s a sign that your dose is quite high.

The average dosage of taking Kratom powder is 3 to 5g.

The Process

Step 1: If you are a beginner inject the Kratom powder of dosage level 2 to 3g in an empty stomach.

Step 2: After 20 to 30 minutes you should start feeling something. Observe how you feel after 45 minutes.

Step 3: If the initial dosage does not produce any good results then take another 1 to 2g. Again observe how you feel after 15 to 30 minutes. This amount of dosage would be much enough to feel something.

Step 4: If you still think you can manage another bit of dosage add 0.5 to 2g. At this point, you must be feeling good.

Step 5: From now on, once every 4 to 5 hours you can repeat the same process for effective results.

If you are approximately 67kg men or women, to start with the dosage of 1.5 grams is much enough. Likewise, approximately 60kg woman need not take the same dosage as a 90kg man.

Things to Keep in Mind

When taking Kratom for the first time, these are the following things to keep in mind.

Fill Yourself with Water: You may feel heady if you are injected to the higher dosage of Kratom by mistake. During that period, keep yourself hydrated. You will need more liquid than the amount of Kratom that you are taking.

Take Kratom in Empty Stomach: As seen earlier, it is quite concerned to take Kratom in an empty stomach, especially at the initial state. A filled or partially filled stomach requires a higher dosage of Kratom.

Each Human Being Requires a Unique dosage of Kratom:  Every person’s physical capacitance is different from each other’s. Some may require a higher dosage level at the initial state and some require only a low quantity of Kratom for the initial state. Therefore, it depends!

Keep a Look at How You are Feeling Constantly: If this is your first experience, keep a data for yourself including the dosage level, the time you had started to feel different and even what are the feelings you had along the process. Thus, the dosage of Kratom should be chosen with cautious to avoid any side effects from occurring.



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