Experts Solution on how to use Kratom Powder

Consuming Kratom powder is not a big deal, but it is all about which quality powder that serves the purpose does matter. When kratom is available widely on some parts of Southeast Asia and some traces are found in Africa too. Kratom powder usage also depends on your personal choice, however there are many experts who are out there suggests some of the best way in which the product can be consumed.

When it comes to an expert opinion, they make sure that you use the fullest potential of the product. So in this article we ensure that you make the best out of the powder in terms of quality, dosage and expert methodologies.

If you are just new and learning about the powder, it means that at this time you might have realized how crazy this powder is in terms of engaging the consumer. When consumed initially the product drives you crazy by making your receptor to create an inner bond. In the end, it helps you to feel differently when consumes with proper potency levels. All these changes and high that you feel out of the powder is due to the alkaloid levels in the powder.

When you happen to be a consistent user of Kratom powder, your feelings and approach towards the powder differs from time to time. Meanwhile, after sometime you would end up feeling that the powder is not doing much as it used to do. Everyone reaches this point of period where you end up upgrading to a new level of Kratom. So if you are one among them and looking for a solution, I am here to solve and discuss that easily.

How to make the most out of it?

Tolerance levels:

Know your tolerance levels and keep it real for you. So, there are multiple strategies that are suggested by the experts of Kratom. Lets have a look at them. If you are a new Kratom user and you are consuming the product right away without any marked levels. Well there is a way suggested by the experts who says that “ you do not get the same feel when you consume Kratom for the very first time when compared to your last dosage”. certainly it is recommended to use increase the dosage levels step by step so make sure that you feel the potent levels of the powder.

Let me break this down to two parts and explain about it.

Every strain is not the same:

There are different parts to a tree and a same tree can produce different potent levels of Kratom. For ex: if you are consuming a Kratom which is grown in a hilly dark rainy place and the very next moment you consume something that has come from a sunny place. These strains are then mixed to gather and when you consume it, you feel different and your receptors act different to a new set of strains. It is all due to the way in which the product is processed and the methods in which it is dried. If you pick a leaf from a tree and dry it using sunlight and dry another leaf using another methods. You can clearly witness a change when you consume it. In the end, it is all about the potency levels of each strains that you feel when you consume it.

The alkaloid content of a strain that you consume contains different combinations of alkaloid and cannot be experiences when consuming a different strain. The curing process and tree’s age plays a vital role in deciding the level of alkaloids in it. So it is all about consuming the strain and knowing your levels out of experience.

Schedule it:

It is all about knowing when to consume the Kratom and planning a schedule for it.

Start off your dosage by starting from one strain and gradually increase the dosage according to your personal levels. Is you are a new user the dosage can pretty much last up to a day. You will later feel an increase in the level of your tolerance and you can increase it. Also keep it in mind to rotate the type of Kratom that you consume regularly.  For ex: you can rotate the types withing some of the popularly available strains like White red hulu, Green jong kong, White boreno, Wild premium green, and Red batak.

The above mentioned types are some of the most recommended levels and usage of the Kratom powder.

The effectiveness of the product can be certainly boosted by finding out different combinations in which it can be consumed. One of the most adviced way to consume the strain is to use the Kratom is to take some break in between the dosages. Following the mentioned suggestions will help you in keeping the Kratom from getting used too much.

How to your powder?

Find a seller who understands the quality of the product and moreover the seller should understand the in and out of the science that is involved. The seller should have an indept knowledge on how the process happens right from the harvest till the packaging. If it is possible try to identify the strain that you would like to consume every time and this only comes out of the experience.


Never try to save bucks while trying to buy Kratom powder and if you do so, you will end up buying some piece of garbage. Some of the tips mentioned on this article is recommended by the experts so that it ensures that if you follow them, that would definitely serve you better. Always keep an eye on the dosage and grade of the powder to have a better experience.


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