Best Ways to Take Kratom Powder

There are handful ways to take Kratom by utilizing it to the maximum of our benefit. The following passage will tell you about the different ways of consuming Kratom powder and how to know the appropriate dosage quantity of each method. Kratom is a medicine that shouldn’t be taken in the lump sum at the beginning, there could be mishaps. To avoid such try commencing the Kratom course with small quantities and gradually increase the dosage examining how your body responds to it. Do not misunderstand by seeing cautionary measures; they are given only to maximize the benefits but nothing else. Kratom is absolutely risk-free and you would have a lot of fun while you are in the course.

We recommend that you are not in the category of abuse and experimentation. If you deal with the Kratom diligently, believe us, nothing will appear better than it. We would like to advise that please don’t give up soon if you don’t find fruitful or pleasing results, give it the due time since it takes it time according to the nature of the system. Try giving it the time and we assure that you would experience something that you had been craving for so long. Kratom is an absolutely natural product and the powder is one of its derivatives. It could be taken in so many forms, we are listed the best methods that would give you optimum and positive results.

Here are those handful methods of having Kratom Powder:

Preparing a Tea:

The procedure is as same as making a cup of tea. Take the powder, mix up it with some hot water and boil them till they begin to look like a solvent. The boiling process must be done the minimum for half an hour to let the solvent take shape. Many people apply this method because it is quite simple and not complicated like the others. They also feel their experience is consistent and linear because they make habituated with making the tea. The taste cannot be categorized as good but it isn’t bad neither. It could be served both in hot and chilled ways; the popular opinion is it tastes better when it is chilled.

Mix it up with Protein Shakes:

It is another easy method that could be implemented by everyone who takes protein milkshakes. As the heading is self-explanatory, just add some Kratom powder to the Protein shakes that you would have regularly or even daily. Many have tasted success with this method, and even the taste appears to be better than other methods. There is another version of this method since some would claim that Kratom would lose its merits by mixing it up with high-calorie drinks. As far we are aware, it worked for us.

Not just milkshakes you can Kratom powder in any kind of juices for example:

  • Orange squash
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate Mix
  • Watermelon juice etc.

Toss and Wash Method:

It is the simplest method of the lot and highly used method by the majority of Kratom community. The procedure is easy, just take a tablespoon of Kratom powder and swallow it with water. As you take via this method, swilling becomes so important. In other words, gently put the Kratom powder above your tongue and swill after drinking some water. As said earlier, this is the simplest form we have ever come across and the most genuine form as the intake is untainted by blending it with some other dilutions.

Add some Powder into Yoghurt:

Addition to some very nice methods to take Kratom powder is Yoghurt. Take a spoon of Kratom powder and add it to some yogurt which you take daily. You can try taking any flavor of Yoghurt; my recommendation would be the fruit flavored ones because of their good taste. Though it would result in benefits, the optimum way of consuming Kratom is through an empty stomach. I’m not trying to defame this particular method though. The results would exceedingly beneficial if the Kratom is consumed with an empty stomach. For all those who need some taste to precede, this method would be applicable as flavored yogurt covers the taste of Kratom powder, which doesn’t taste very good.

Take Kratom Powder in the form of Capsules:

This is not a method of buying Kratom capsules from vendors and having them. Such a method is not recommended at all, making the capsule is not a very difficult task. One who can make the capsules on their own, this method is for you. This is an extensively beneficial way for ones who wish to bypass the bad taste of Kratom powder. As the powder straight away gets into the stomach by taking some water with it, you want to bear the taste anyway. Nevertheless, there is a problem attached to this simplest method, where to take sufficient dosage of Kratom powder, you need to take adequate pills (around 10, at least) else the efforts would result in vain. Consume the pills with plenty amount of water and relax a bit before starting your daily routine. Even though it is a bit tedious, it is the most convenient way possible.


These are the most convenient methods of taking Kratom powder to our benefit. Though there are many methods, which we didn’t mention in the list. Users can select the most beneficial method and start taking Kratom powder. To all the users, one thing is highly recommended from our side is the dosage. Appropriate dosage is very much necessary to get the benefits of Kratom without any defilement. It is advised that you monitor your bodily reactions after every intake until you get used to Kratom powder. Finally, try having Kratom (either mixed or in any other form) with the empty stomach to get the maximum benefits.

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