Trade Name: Ativan

Generic Name: Lorazepam

Strengths: 0.5mg, 1mg, 2mg

Shipment: Fast Delivery

Rx: Not required

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Ativan is an anti-anxiety medication that needs to be used only for a shorter period of time. Lorazepam is the generic ingredient contained in this high powerful anti-anxiety pill. The use of this medication extends beyond treating anxiety i.e. it supposedly treats seizures and sleeping conditions. Medical experts argue that four weeks is the maximum time period for the course of therapy.

Off late, the medication is also used for sedating mentally aggressive individuals. It is highly recommended for containing incessant panic attacks. The medication can induce sleep by bringing down the anxiety levels. People who are in need of this drug can get hold of it easily by using buy Ativan online overnight delivery option available in renowned internet pharmacies.

Dosage Recommendations of Ativan

The standard recommended dosage strength ranges anywhere between 2mg to 6mg. People with anxiety are recommended to order Ativan online and consume 2mg dosage of the pills either before or after the meal. At the instance of increased dosage strength, the largest should be taken at the time of going to bed. For treating anxiety caused as a result of insomnia, the dosage strength can vary range between 2mg to 4mg.

Missing a dose and overdose

In the case of missing a dose, Ativan should be taken as soon as one remembers to do so. Skip taking the missed dose entirely, if it is closer to the time for the next scheduled dose. Never take two doses together or increase the dosage to make up for the missed dose.

As soon as the individual is suspected of a drug overdose, get emergency medical attention by calling the poison helpline. Symptoms of overdose that can be expected are fainting, muscle weakness, confusion, extreme drowsiness, light-headedness, and loss of balance or coordination. Avoid abusing the drug in any manner and prevent overdosing on it.

How to take Ativan?

Ativan should be taken in the dosage strength as advised by the doctor. Instructions on the prescription label regarding the consumption pattern have to be strictly adhered to. Consumption of the medicine for a prolonged period of time is not advisable.

Consultation with the doctor is highly mandatory upon experiencing unpleasant symptoms. Please note that the medication should be kept away from light, heat, and moisture. Visit to avail the anti-anxiety medication at a low price.

Apart from following the dosage instructions, there are other important steps to follow when taking Ativan. The drug should never be consumed in larger amounts. Since the drug can be habit-forming, it is advised not to share it with any person not prescribed to take it even if the symptoms are similar.

Abusing the drug in any form can lead to severe side effects and even death by overdose. Do not discontinue using the drug suddenly as you are likely to experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Inform the doctor if you feel that the drug has stopped being effective for you.

Side effects

Stop taking Ativan if there are any allergic reactions like swelling of the face, tongue, throat or lips, hives, and difficulty breathing. Common side effects include:

  • Feeling unsteady
  • Weakness
  • Drowsiness
  • Trouble with memory
  • Slurred speech
  • Lack of coordination or balance

Severe side effects may be:

  • Changes in vision
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Severe drowsiness
  • Behavioral changes
  • Jaundice
  • Restlessness
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations

Drug Interactions

Always check with the doctor regarding taking any other medications while on Ativan, especially narcotic painkillers, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, anticonvulsants and other anti-anxiety drugs.

While informing the doctor if you are starting or stopping any drug then you should take care to disclose if any of them are drugs like probenecid, aminophylline, drugs for mental illness, barbiturates, and antihistamines that are used for allergies or cold.

There are other drugs that may interact adversely as well and you should inform the doctor if taking any prescription or over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements too to avert any potential hazards.

How to Store?

Ideally, you should store Ativan in a place that is away from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. Avoid keeping the pills in the bathroom cabinet or near the sink.

Keep the medication in a locked cabinet away from the reach of pets and children. Keep track of the pills consumed so that you would know if anyone not prescribed to take it has consumed the medication.


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