Anxiety at a Glance

Anxiety is a complex mental disorder condition that is caused by an abnormal reaction to a particular event / situation. It is so annoying to an extent that, it paralyzes the day-to-day functioning and causes complete demotivation. Anxious feeling that prevails over in the mind for a prolonged period of time is referred to as Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Through the recently published statistics, it can be inferred that the number of people afflicted with GAD condition has increased substantially. Also, there are other anxiety disorder conditions that trigger series of panic attacks too. The urge to cling on to a specific thought or to indulge in a particular action repeated number of times are the characteristics of the obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is another variant of anxiety disorder.

In fact, these two are the two major classifications of anxiety disorder and that continues to affect thousands of people. Social anxiety is yet another type of mental disorder condition, wherein the affected individual expresses reservation to mingle with other people socially. The one common thread that is common in all variants of anxiety disorder is the persistence of anxious feelings, and unjustifiable worries.

Most Commonly prescribed Anti-Anxiety medications

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The use of Provigil in anxiety affected individuals

Anxiety can trigger a host of adverse effects in the body. In most cases, it forbids a person from experiencing sound sleep. The consequential effect of which there is a drastic decrease in the attention and concentration abilities of a person, just because of the improper sleep. Lack of sufficient sleep during night time forces a person to sleep during the daytime. This is referred to as Narcolepsy. It is very much possible to cure this kind of medical ailment with Provigil 200mg. The medication should be taken on a daily basis for effective relief.

Social Anxiety Disorder Vs Panic Disorder

Medical experts dealing with mental disorder condition strongly argue that anxiety disorder and panic disorder has to be dealt with separately. A clear understanding of these two subjects is highly essential for clinicians dealing with people affected by these conditions. Panic afflicted individuals tend to be in hope that they are experiencing something unusual physically, thereby aggravating the panic symptoms. Even a mild stomachache can make them feel panicked, as they foresee some serious problem in their stomach. Whereas, people with social anxiety disorder feel anxious about grabbing the limelight in social gatherings. Generally, those experiencing symptoms of social anxiety disorder are bound to be introvert as they feel shy in many circumstances.

Treating consequential effect of anti-anxiety pills using Phentermine

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