A step by step guide on how to take Kratom Powder

It is always confusion for the newbies when they are beginning with Kratom. The main confusion will be on where to start the procedure. We have so many articles insisting on the dosage of Kratom and its effects after consumption. These become the main reason why the beginners are feeling it difficult to understand. So, it is always better to check with the dosage before you fix the dosage that best suits you. Starting with lower dosage is recommended since it holds good and then gradually increasing the dosage, so that the suitable one can be found out. This trial and error method will help in achieving the best dosage working for you.

Now, this article is all about the procedures of consuming Kratom. A beginner who is interested in using Kratom but has a hesitation on how and where to start, then this blog is for you.

How to use it?

The usual way of consuming Kratom powder is ingestion rather than smoking. Following are the different ways and procedures of consuming it:

Rinse and swallow method

It is the easiest and fastest way of taking Kratom. In addition to that, it requires only minimal preparation but the effect will be faster.

First, find out the dosage that best works for you. With this desired dosage, pour the Kratom into your mouth. Immediately after that, have a glass full of water and then swill it before you swallow. You need not do it in a single attempt. If you want you can split the dosage and take it in an attempt or two because lesser Kratom powder can be swallowed easily. For experiencing faster effects, follow this method.

Take with tea

In this method, the Kratom powder is boiled with water for around 30 minutes. The Kratom powder gets dissolved in the water completely and it will be ready for using. Though this method is time consuming, users say this method had better effects and the taste is also not too bad. This extract can be consumed either hot or cold. To those who like to take in the form of tea, this method holds good indeed.

Kratom with yogurt

Some may find its taste difficult to consume, so for those who don’t like the taste, this method can be helpful. Mixing Kratom with Yogurt masks the taste of Kratom and the user will only experience the taste of Yogurt but the effect of Kratom. But, taking it in empty stomach can be preferred for better effects.

Mix with protein shakes

Kratom works well with calories. Though this method looks like the previous one, it has some difference when it comes to the power. So, when taken with a protein shake it mixes with more calories and has a powerful effect.

In the form of capsule

When you are out on work and want to take Kratom, then this is that one method that offers easy carry options. You can just swallow the capsule and no other preparations needs to be done. Another advantage is that you no need to worry about the taste since you are only going to swallow it directly like a tablet. But, one problem is the capsule size. A single capsule can hold a maximum of 0.5 grams only. So, when your desired dosage is 5 grams you will have to take 10 such tablets to fell the effect. But, looking at its convenience it can be preferred as it is readymade.

Above are the common methods of consuming Kratom. Follow these procedures and find out your master one.

Kratom for anxiety and nervousness

Each strain of Kratom produces different effects. So, the following strains can be gone through to choose the best one to control anxiety and nervousness.

Borneo: This strain holds good for anxiety and chronic pain. The dosage tends to be more flexible since it has less chances of causing side effects and that becomes the reason for this strain to be a great asset for those who deal with anxiety.

Indo: This strain deals with pain, mood and sedation. This variety of Kratom is also somewhat similar to Borneo but the users have reported it to be long lasting.

Bali: This particular strain which is widely used across the world has anti-anxiety and sedative effects. It is the cost effective strain among Kratom family but tends to cause some side effects.

Red veins: It has higher degree of killing anxiety because of its painkilling effect. It is important to be aware of the variety you are buying since it has stimulating effects.

Effect duration

The usual duration of Kratom effect is around 5-6 hours. And there are some other factors that decide the time it takes to create the effect. When it is taken with full stomach, it takes around 60-90 minutes to take effect and when taken with empty stomach, it takes around 35-40 minutes before it takes effect. And it takes more than an hour if taken in the form of a capsule since they take more time to get dissolved in the stomach.

Safety and risk factors

Nothing is so dangerous when you use your common sense. When the raw Kratom is taken without mixing with any other drugs, it makes you feel asleep all of a sudden and when it happens during the course of a hazardous work, it becomes a threat to life. And most importantly avoid driving after consumption of Kratom. It may feel stimulated, but keep in mind that this sleepiness arrives all of a sudden uninformed and without any warnings. So, avoid using power tools and do not climb ladders when you are under its influence. Adding to it, avoiding use of kitchen households especially the stove is recommended.

We don’t recommend Kratom to pregnant women, though there are no studies proving any adverse effect on them. And it also remains unknown whether it will destroy the fetus or affect its birth. Hence, it is our strong recommendation for pregnant women not to think of taking Kratom.

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